Emotional Intelligence 4 Change

Develop your Emotional Intelligence Book

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Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Learn how your emotions influence every aspect of your life.


Self-Awareness and Self-Perception

How well do you know yourself?



Expressing your emotions assertively and appropriately.


Develop your Interpersonal Skills

How good are you at relating to other people?


Decision Making

How emotional intelligence affects decision making.


Stress Management

How emotional intelligence can help with stress management.


Understanding Empathy

Discover ways of improving your interpersonal skills to build relationships by using emotions effectively.


The Authority Guide to Emotional Resilience in Business

Strategies to manage stress and weather storms in the workplace.


The Authority Guide to Behaviour in Business

How to Inspire others and build successful relationships


Developing Emotional Intelligence in Teams

Better team working through winning the hearts and minds of others.


The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Develop emotional intelligence in yourself and those you work with as a leader.