Develop your Decision Making with Emotional Intelligence

Decision Making

How emotional intelligence affects decision making.

What's included?

40 Videos
1 Quiz
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This is a stand-alone course or module 4 in a series of 5 courses based on the EQ-i 2.0 model of emotional intelligence.

How effective are you at processing information about situations and using emotion to drive your decision making?

How rational and objective are you in solving problems?

Good decision making requires a rational, thoughtful response underpinned with good emotional awareness. Leaders must evaluate all the facts when making decisions and understand the impact that their decisions will have on them, the business and other people.

Understand more about the role of emotions in decision making. Learn how to develop your emotional intelligence and use this skill at work.

The course helps you to

  • Assess how you use your emotional intelligence in your decision-making
  • Understand the way that people make decisions using emotional information to solve problems
  • Discover how to get a better understanding of reality to remain objective 
  • Explore ways to resist or delay impulses avoiding rash behaviours

How to develop more rational, thoughtful responses underpinned with good emotional awareness.

Course Curriculum

Practical Activity: Assess your Decision Making
Practical Activity: Reality Testing
Reality Testing Discussion Forum
Practical Activity: Problem Solving
Problem Solving Discussion Forum
Impulse Control Discussion Forum
Quiz: Test your Knowledge of Decision Making

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