Working with Personality Type

Understanding Personality Types

Develop your skills in influencing and persuading others using Jungian Personality Types.

What's included?

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Influencing Skills using Personality Type

This short, standalone course is for anyone interested in understanding about different personality types. It will give you insights to your own preferences and how these build into your personality type, as well as insights into the personality types of others.

The course covers the Jungian Theory of Personality Types looking at how you prefer to get your energy (Extraversion / Introversion), how you take in information (Sensing / Intuition), how you process information (Thinking / Feeling), and how you choose to live your life (Judging / Perception).

You get the opportunity to look at the four preference scales and how you can work better with others who have different preferences to your own. You will become aware of the dynamics and patterns natural to each person's way of experiencing, thinking, feeling and responding to the world.

You will learn how to build trust, establish rapport, and work comfortably and productively with any personality type.

Who is the programme for?

The course is for anyone who is interested in developing their understanding of behaviour.

It will be of particular relevance to you, if you:

  • are involved in influencing and persuading other people
  • are selling and negotiating with customers and clients
  • are a leader in a team or in a management role and seeking to influence through leading
  • have responsibilities for influencing the way people make decisions

This course will, also, be of interest to you if you lead or manage a team and are looking at ways to build understanding and develop relationships.

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