Working with Social Interaction Styles

Working with Social Interaction Styles

How to Inspire Others and Build Successful Relationships

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From time to time, everyone finds themselves in awkward situations and having to deal with difficult people.  

What if you could learn the secrets of getting on with anyone, dealing with ANY type of behavioural response and social interaction style?  

This course will give you the knowledge around the principles and the skills that you need to improve your interactions, build your confidence and change your life.

The four social interaction styles are driver, expressive, amiable and analytical.  Each style approaches social interactions differently with advantages and with limitations.  Each social interaction style responds differently to pressure and each social interaction style has a different stress response.

Within this course you will learn:

  • which of the four different social interaction styles you are and understand how all four styles operate

  • recognise the social interaction styles of others to better understand how to get on with different styles

  • anticipate where and why conflict and problems may arise

  • tools and strategies for typical situations that require you to influence and communicate with all the social interaction styles

  • increase your power and control and develop your resilience

Everybody has their own social interaction style based around their behavioural preferences. Each person instinctively acts according to their inherent style. 

Being able to identify the social interaction style of other people will give you valuable insights that you can use to establish rapport, open lines of communication, build trust, motivate and influence.  Ways to work with each social interaction style will be explored along with techniques to enhance and improve your interactions leading to better communication.   

Provided within the course is a questionnaire gives you a good indication of your social interaction style and the course contains loads of material for you to download and use a with your social interactions to help with your learning.

This course will help you change the way you think about yourself and the way you work with and interact with other people inside and outside of work.

Course Curriculum

Test your Knowledge and Understanding of the Social Interaction Styles
Robin Hills
Robin Hills
Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Coach and Facilitator

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Hi. I'm Robin Hills. I am an emotional intelligence coach, trainer and facilitator with over 30 years' business and commercial experience. I am here to support and guide you.

It is my intention to offer the best and highest quality courses on emotional intelligence available on the internet. Teaching emotional intelligence skills is a challenge at the best of times so these courses require you to take some ACTION and put into practice what you have learnt.

Please note that all classes are continually refined and updated to ensure they remain current and relevant.

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