Inclusive Leadership - Equality and Diversity

Inclusive Leadership: Working with Equality and Diversity

Emotional intelligence skills of inclusive leaders in today’s global economy.

What's included?

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Inclusive Leadership is about treating people and groups fairly based on their unique characteristics, rather than acting on biases derived from stereotypes.

It is also about personalising individuals, understanding and valuing the uniqueness and differences of others while at the same time including them as members of the organisation, networks and work groups.

Inclusive Leadership is about utilising the thinking of diverse groups for smarter ideas, solutions and decision making has the potential to provide different approaches and ways of working that move the organisation forward.

This online course will help you to develop and apply skills as an inclusive leader to grow your team and your organisation, enhance performance and improve your personal satisfaction.

You will learn 

  • How to become a senior advocate by demonstrating the attributes of an emotionally intelligent, inclusive leader
  • What equality, diversity and inclusion means as an inclusive leader 
  • The impact of bias and unconscious bias in equality and diversity
  • How to inspire and foster respect in relationships
  • The ability to incorporate an inclusive approach into all that you say and do as a leader

The course provides practical tools and actions to lead inclusively straight away.  You can expect to see the results of a more inclusive culture, both internally and externally, very quickly.

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