Applying Emotional Intelligence

Taking Emotional Intelligence to the Next Level

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How can you build your knowledge and skills around emotional intelligence?

There are many introductory courses on emotional intelligence.  Many of them are very good and cover the topic well.  But what if you want to learn more than just the basics?

  • Explore how to practise and learn how to develop emotional intelligence at a deeper level

  • Discover how emotional intelligence involves the relationship between your inner world and your outer world.

  • Determine more ways of working with emotions positively to improve performance

  • Identify further strategies to use your thinking and your feelings to make quality decisions and build authentic relationships

Learn how to advance your emotional intelligence skills for better performance and more impact.

Daniel Goleman’s book Emotional Intelligence - Why it can matter more than IQ became a bestseller in 1995 and has become established as a seminal book on the topic.

Over the next years, people have been saying  “I read this book and love it, but it doesn’t say HOW.  How do you grow and apply emotional intelligence?

This course is designed to answer that question by making emotional intelligence practical and actionable. 

Emotional intelligence is not a theory to know and understand, it’s a process to use - a way of engaging to be smarter with feelings. Using emotional intelligence well helps us to turn emotions into resources so we can all be and do better.

How can you build your knowledge and skills around emotional intelligence?

There are many introductory courses on emotional intelligence.  Many of them are very good and cover the topic well.  But what if you want to learn more than just the basics?  How can you use and apply what you have learnt?

This course has been designed to go beyond the basics of emotional intelligence.  We take a deeper dive into emotional intelligence looking at the various elements of emotional intelligence in more depth and ways to apply them at work for greater performance.

Emotional intelligence is how you combine your thinking with your feelings in order to build good quality relationships and to make good authentic decisions. It is managing who you are in the moment to meet your emotional needs through conscious choice and is fundamental to leading a full, rich and rewarding life.

Your knowledge and skills in this area will enable you to understand that emotional intelligence is the difference that makes the difference.  Being human, you are not going to get it right all the time as you are going to have values, preferences and ways of experiencing life that lead to prejudice and bias.  Awareness of these and working with these is a part of being emotionally intelligent. 

The course explores in depth the relationship between emotional intelligence and your Inner World interacting with your Outer World. 

Another feature of the course is exploring Emotional Unintelligence - Behaviours that are NOT Emotionally Intelligent.

Applying Emotional Intelligence

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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to the Applying Emotional Intelligence Course

    2. The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence

    3. Practical Activity: Reflecting about this Emotional Intelligence Course

    4. Thinking about Thinking

    5. Critical Thinking and Emotional Intelligence

    6. Speaking in Emotionally Intelligent Ways

    7. Why Being Selfish, Prejudiced and Narrow-minded Develops Emotional Intelligence

    8. Some Tips That Will Help You Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

    1. The Learning Outcomes of this Module on The Inner World

    2. Your Inner World and your Emotional Intelligence

    3. The Benefits of Self-Awareness

    4. How to Develop Self-Awareness

    5. How Emotions Drive Your Thinking and Behaviour

    6. How Emotions Drive Decision Making

    7. The Myth Around Positive and Negative Emotions

    8. How Emotions have been Mapped within the Body

    9. Ways that You can Map Emotions and Moods

    10. Managing Emotions and Moods to Manage Stress and Develop Resilience

    1. The Learning Outcomes of this Module on The Outer World

    2. Your Outer World and your Emotional Intelligence

    3. The Messages in Non-Verbal Signals

    4. The Three Types of Empathy

    5. Ways to Develop Empathy

    6. How Preferences Drive Behaviour

    7. Working with Behavioural Preferences

    8. The Rules of Rapport - Developing Social Skills Through Rapport

    1. An In-Depth Overview of Emotional Unintelligence

    2. Practical Activity: The Emotionally Unintelligent Leader

    1. The Vital Emotional Intelligence Skill of Coaching

    2. Experience Coaching Through Blind Coaching

    3. 5 Functions of an Emotionally Intelligent Team

    4. How the Emotional Climate Influences Teams and Teamworking

    5. Working with the Emotional Climate

    1. Test your Emotional Intelligence

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Applying Emotional Intelligence

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