Emotional Intelligence 4 Change

Emotional Intelligence 4 Change

Training to bring about personal transformation and change through emotional intelligence


Inclusive Leadership: Working with Equality and Diversity

Emotional intelligence skills of inclusive leaders in today’s global economy.


Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Learn to enhance your coaching skills and capabilities using emotional intelligence.


Emotional Intelligence For Change

Change is the only constant. Effectively lead and manage change by aligning people through emotional engagement.


Next Level Emotional Intelligence

Advancing your emotional intelligence skills for better performance and more impact.


Influencing with Behavioural Styles

Become more effective in working with others by understanding people better.


Understanding Personality Types

Understand Personality Types - your own and other people's.


Working with Social Interaction Styles

Understanding Social Interaction Styles - how to get on with anyone.


All EQ-i 2.0 Based Courses

Access to all courses based around the EQ-i 2.0 for less than £30 each.


All Emotional Intelligence Courses

Access to all courses for less than £50 each (excl ILM endorsed courses).

$29.99 / month

Monthly Subscription

Access all courses for £29.99 per month (excl ILM endorsed courses).


Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (Approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management)

Learn how your emotions influence your performance, the way you build relationships and how you make decisions.


Advanced Emotional Intelligence (Approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management)

Learn about emotional intelligence through a more detailed review of the inner world of awareness and the outer world of action.